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Global Scaler is an International sourcing company that helps micro, small and medium-sized businesses with all their exporting needs. We engage in sourcing finest quality products across categories including Apparel, Home textiles, Beauty, Healthcare, Food & agro, Luxury lifestyle accessories and Eco-friendly packaging for stores globally. We act as your right partner in the global space, ensuring sector-specific deep knowledge, market research, and data analytics. Selling and Buying in international markets are often considered complex and mind-boggling process. Our aim is simple to eliminate the complexity and maximize the transparency for retailers and suppliers.


Our vision is to strengthen the micro and medium manufacturers from India and give them an opportunity to sell their products in global markets.


Partnering with the SMBs to grow globally by using innovation and modern age technology

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Vetted Suppliers

Vetting suppliers is how you can future-proof effective relationships with them.

Technology & Innovation

Technological innovation is the process where an organization

Seamless Supply Chain

The seamless supply chain is an organizational initiative

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Simplified Compliance

Simplify Compliance helps its clients be better equipped to reach their strategic goals.

Powerful analytics

Powerful analytics

Product overview video to learn about Good Data's powerful analytical capabilities.

Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure.

Happy Clients

Global Scaler has helped our company gain a lot of benefits through international trading. I've got every help whenever I needed.
Brittany Foxx
Very satisfied with their work. Would encourage all export enterprises to engage with them and expand their businesses.
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Edward Woo
We found fantastic partners in Global Scaler. We were completely new in the arena of International trade.
Samantha Gilbert
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